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Tidewater Community College Transfer Agreements

Tidewater Community College Transfer Agreements

Tidewater Community College (TCC) is a great choice for students who want to get a quality education at an affordable price. However, many students may want to continue their education at a four-year university after obtaining their associate degree. Luckily, TCC has numerous transfer agreements with four-year institutions, making the transition smooth and easy for its students.

TCC has transfer agreements with over 40 colleges and universities, including Virginia Commonwealth University, Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, Christopher Newport University, and James Madison University. These agreements provide TCC students with a clear path to transfer to a four-year institution after earning their associate degree.

The transfer agreements offer benefits such as transfer credit assessment, guaranteed admission, and reduced tuition rates for TCC students. With these agreements, students can be confident that their credits earned at TCC will transfer to the four-year institution of their choice, making it possible to save money and time while earning their degree.

Besides these agreements, TCC offers numerous resources to help students transfer to four-year universities. The college has transfer advisors who work with students to ensure that they meet the requirements of their desired four-year institutions. Additionally, TCC hosts Transfer Week every fall, where representatives from four-year universities come to TCC`s campus to meet with students, answer their questions, and provide information about their institutions.

To maximize the benefits of transfer agreements, students should plan their academic paths carefully and meet regularly with advisors to ensure they remain on track. Many of these agreements have specific requirements, such as obtaining a particular GPA or completing specific courses, and students must meet these requirements to transfer.

In conclusion, Tidewater Community College`s transfer agreements provide an excellent opportunity for students to continue their education at a four-year institution after obtaining their associate degree. These agreements ensure that credits earned at TCC will transfer seamlessly and help students save time and money while earning their degree. With resources such as transfer advisors and Transfer Week, students have the tools to succeed in their academic journey.

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